Portfolio Management Service

PMS is ideal for high-net-worth individuals (HNI’s) who are willing to take on risk and gain market exposure, by investing directly into a basket of securities such as equities, fixed income, structured products, etc. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a customized and professionally managed investment vehicle that uses different investment strategies to take advantage of market-linked opportunities.

Advantages of PMS–

  • Splitting risk: When a person opts for portfolio management services, he can decide to go for a wide range of options. Suppose he is not willing to take much risk, his portfolio manager will design a financial plan suiting his needs. Or if someone wants to move from the fixed gains domain to the high risk high returns arena, he can take calculated risks with the help of an expert. Such expert services give a clear picture to investor on whether it is worth taking the risk or it is better to take a slow approach.
  • The client gets to utilize the services of a portfolio manager who is an expert in his field and hence chances of good returns on investments are enhanced.
  • Since portfolio manager make use of risk management tools, portfolio of the client is protected against volatile market movements, also client get the advantage of fundamental and technical research on markets s well as individual stocks done by the manager.
  • Portfolio management service is a cheaper option as compared to mutual fund in which there is entry load and also there is no client wise segregation like PMS.

Buckskart is impaneled with a wide range of reputed third-party PMS providers across India, such as AMC’s and financial institutions which provide their specialized PMS offerings.

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