Wealth Creation & Management

Wealth Creation & Management Service looks at an individual’s investment needs through a step by step approach. The Wealth creation and management service is ideal for individuals who want to plan their investment process from early part of life. This exercise first looks at your current situation, evaluates risk profile and financial aspirations and articulates these into numbers. Our approach to wealth creation is to work with you throughout your life and beyond.

You should consider wealth creation and management service if you do not have an answer for some of the below question:

  • You are earning well, but are you saving enough money to meet your future needs?
  • Are your savings fetching you sufficient returns?
  • Are you taking full advantage of the tax exemptions available to you?
  • How much you will need to maintain your lifestyle when you retire?
  • How long can your family members maintain the current lifestyle they have been accustomed to if something were to happen to you?

Why Clients do not plan?
There are many reasons why clients may not undertake financial planning on their own. Some of them are listed below:

  • Thinking they have insufficient assets or income to warrant planning.
  • Assuming their financial situation is in good order.
  • Putting off what is complex and worrisome.
  • Not wanting to consider unpleasant events, such as death, disability, unemployment or property loss.
  • Thinking Financial Planning is expensive.

ALL these Assumptions may be FALSE, of course, failing to plan may even COST you Money.

Buckskart will assist you in:

  • Identifying the Investment Objectives based on needs and requirements. Recognize your lifestyle and financial goals and establish a timeframe to achieve these goals.
  • Determine the required returns to meet the financial objectives. Categorize your investment goals and establish a timeframe to achieve these goals
  • Determine the risk tolerance of the individual.
  • Design an asset allocation to meet the risk and returns. Create and recommend an investment strategy in line with your risk profile and Nature of your financial goals.
  • Modify the asset allocation based on any change in needs or risk tolerance. Constant monitoring to ensure you are on track or determine if there are any changes to be made to accommodate your goals and objectives.

Our Financial planner provides:

  • A comprehensive platform of tailor made services.
  • Customized strategies and product application
  • The highest quality in advise
  • Confidentiality
  • Single Point contact and personalized service
  • Resources, experience and capabilities to ensure timely and accurate execution.

With the least compromise to your lifestyle, Buckskart will make a plan and help you get an early start towards wealth creation. Buckskart will make sure that your investments are in tune with the strategies set forth in your customized plan. Regular monitoring and reporting on your investments and a periodic review with the planner is the key.

Buckskart can be your trusted partner to begin your life’s journey in investing and wealth creation.

For any query or more information, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.